The Magic of Christmas

The Magic of Christmas is something I have craved this year more than ever before. I have found myself contemplating so much about the meaning of Christmas and the meaning of my life. The year of the pandemic that divided this country so much!  Why did it divide us so much? That I cannot answer! What I can say, is I crave the magic of Christmas because like so many I long for salvation, for the birth of hope, for the miracle that can surely save this world.


Many believe we are in revelations and I cannot deny that the world is upside down and inside out. Many fear for their lives and the lives of loved ones, while others fear for their freedom, and the freedom of future generations. There are people who are fighting to save their soul and the souls of those around them, while others fight to save their life and the life of those around them. The difference between soul and life leads to a very different view of what needs saving and sadly that difference in views has caused a division like I have never seen before. Who is right? I am not here to answer that either science cannot disprove or prove the existence of life after death no more than it seems capable of proving or disproving how to save lives. I can tell you life is unpredictable and having faith and hope nurtures my soul and brings a peace that cannot be bought.


As I look forward to saying goodbye to this year I find myself longing to share a prayer with you. It’s a simple prayer but a hard one especially for me when I struggle to let go of control. I fear the answer to my prayers. I fear because I think I know what is best and I might not like the answer. To this, I find an answer that fills my heart with love and hope and the faith to embrace the unknown. If we are always in control it is easy to close ourselves off to new opportunities. My prayer is that I might better serve God, that I might better nurture my soul. My prayer is that I release control and open my heart to grace that is awaiting me. My prayer is that I touch lives and help others. I want to embrace people and hear their views on spirituality. I pray that we can all be tolerant of those that are different from us and open our hearts to hear what they have to say. Words spoken in anger fall on deaf ears, I pray that I can listen and that everyone around me can listen, the way God listens to our prayers. Prayers are not always answered the way we expect or desire, but prayers and meditation can soothe and comfort us. I especially find comfort in prayers for others and prayers of gratitude.


Merry Christmas to you and your families! May you all have a blessed holiday! Regardless of how you celebrate your spirituality, I hope you do have faith in something beyond this lifetime and a desire to nurture your soul!

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