My Approach

First let’s figure out your current state, determine your goals, and discover how to attain them. In business the 4 cornerstones are Financial, Marketing & Sales, Operations, and Products & Services, in our personal lives the 4 corner stones are Physical, Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional. Knowing how each of these areas are working for you is a great starting point.

My Story

Once upon a time I was just a girl in Massage School who wanted to be a true healer. I highlighted a book that made a list of what education a healer should possess and spent the next 17 years trying to get all of that education and experience.

What I discovered is the real healer lies within a person and I can only hold the space for them. Healing has to occur within each of us no one can give it to us, each of us has to be willing to release the anchors that hold us back and allow true wellness within…

Meet Leslie

Leslie is a Small Business Owner, her Day Spa & Boutique is located in Kyle, Texas. She specializes in health, wellness, and beauty and sees private clients for Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Facials, Waxing, Cranio Sacral, and manages a staff of 17. She loves working with clients to help them unlock their own inner beauty and power. Leslie is married with 3 wonderful children, she has a chaotic life but is living the dream! Leslie grew up on a cattle ranch in West Texas and learned her business skills from her Grandmother. Her parents raised her to be honest, kind, humble and a hard working lessons she hopes to pass on her to her kids. Her husband is also an entrepreneur living the life of his dreams working with horses and blacksmithing.


Leslie & Joe Hunt

Hope & Love 4 kids Gala

Giving back is so important and the more success you have the more you can do that!

“Look your age or younger,” is my motto!

Enjoy life,  even when it’s beating you down find the lessons to be learned and feel empowered look for the tiny blessings and what you can be grateful for!


Leslie Hunt

Life Coach, Business Owner, Skin & Body Care Specialist

Graduate of Oceans Massage School 2001

A.A.S. Rain Star University, Scottsdale AZ 2005

B.S. Psychology Texas State University 2010

Total Transformations School of Cosmetology San Marcos, Texas: Eshtetics 2015

Anne King Hypnosis Center 2009


Ashley Messer & Leslie

My Friends & Family keep me grounded!

My friends remind me to take a deep breath and live my life in the here and now. It is so easy to get caught up in future plans and miss the gift of the present…….

Next Steps…

Are you ready to turn your pain into progress? Are you ready to feel inspired? Are you ready to unlock the door and tear down the walls that hold you back?

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