The Jelly Roll

Hello Jelly Roll! Before Halloween I was on the eat right, work out high! BUT then the dreaded Halloween candy came home and it started getting dark earlier, plus it was cool weather and nothing says a good night like wine and chocolate. One thing was for sure I wasn’t giving up on myself or getting critical so I missed a few days of working out and over indulged in sugar but for the most part I was still getting in 4 or more workouts a week. It wasn’t long before Thanksgiving came around and work was super busy especially leading up to me taking the whole week off. I stayed in a hotel and hit the abandoned hotel gym all 4 days, but I could feel the slippery slope as I rounded the corner on my second Thanksgiving meal full of stuffing, pies and lots of wine. The end of our trip would be a stop by the free testing center to discover I tested positive for Covid-19! At first I felt nothing more than a headache and was very tired. I slept in which was very unlike me and pushed forward with working out most days. By the end of my quarantine the symptoms peaked with loss of smell and taste which prompted me to simply eat spicy food and drink my least favorite bottles of wine. The holidays are different this year but that made me work that much harder to enjoy them with lots of Christmas movies and thus becoming the ultimate couch potato with my Hot Cocoa and Christmas cookies snuggled in close with my kiddos while the Hubby was away hunting. I still managed to feed my horses and work from home while dealing with very minor Covid symptoms, eating healthy and staying active definitely slid to the back burner. As we hustled to finish out the year strong at work two state licenses arrived 2 months after my application and just in time for the holiday block! So the stress of not achieving all that I hoped and more than I thought capable ties up my 2020 year and what do I have to show for it, the slippery slope of a jelly roll that wasn’t there at Halloween! I could obsess which I have a little, I could cry which I have not, I could give up which I will not, or I can give my jelly roll a little love hug and thank my body for being so wonderful as to cuddle me through the craziest year I have ever lived through and focus on all the love I will give it with activity and lots of healthy meals, limiting the wine and sugar, and embracing the physical and emotional strength that comes from a healthy lifestyle. Cheers to starting today and everyday the way you desire & cheers to a new year!

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